December 4, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

Thats pretty neat!

This week was pretty neat. So this week we met a really funny guy. He was the most narcassistic person that I have ever met. It was amazing. He told us probably 30 or 40 times how lucky we were to meet him and kept using the numbers in his birthday and ID to prove how lucky we were. He then told us that 9/11 was a hoax. I couldnt handle it. It was soooo funny! 
I also had the amazing opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Coletti, one of our Zone leaders. It was sooo much fun. I asked these kids that were skateboarding if I could try, and fortunately my very little skateboarding experience came in handy and I did a Pop Shovit (a skate board trick) and they were so stoked! I then sat down on the ground with them and asked if they thought Christ could skateboard (yeah I cant believe I asked that haha). They said they didnt know. I told them I didnt either, but he was perfect so Im sure he could have if he wanted to. Then one of the kids was like "Yeah what cant he do!" We then talked about eternal life and how through Jesus Christ we can be blessed with Peace and strength in this life. We compared life to a test and that when we study and put in the effort, our Teacher, Christ, will help us through the test. We can get 100% even though our efforts alone wouldn't even come close to that. It was a pretty neat experience. It was the first time that I actually felt like the Lord's mouth peace and I had the opportunity to teach in his manner. It gave me a glimpse into what the Sermon on the Mount was like. I wish I could have been there. I bet it was amazing.
I love you guys. Thank you for your love and support. 
Love, Elder Sproul


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