November 28, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

Wait it was Thanksgiving this week?

This week was pretty awesome! We met some really interesting people, we got to go to Taipei, and then it rained all week. I feel super bipolar, one second Im way pumped and excited, and the next moment I'm exhausted, unmotivated, and bummed out. The mission is messing with my emotions haha. It most definitely has been a refining experience. I have always been pretty stubborn and so Im striving to sacrifice that self will and try to be more submissive to the Lord. The concept seems super easy to me, but when it comes to putting it in practice with my companion, it is pretty hard not to be stubborn. I think my stubbornness has profited me in life, but its time to use another power to carry me through trials and challenges. I will report back on that. Pray for me haha.
So we had a crazy experience this week. We were running for morning exercise and decided to run through this random neighborhood and a guy stopped us. He said that he was praying for help that morning and that God had arranged us meeting. I get a little weary when people are too excited to see us because they are generally a little crazy, and I could faintly smell alcohol on him. I wasnt super excited, but I couldnt deny the fact that he was praying for help and we just happened to run through a neighborhood we've never been through at just the perfect time. Well, we set up to come back to his house at 3 that day. We showed up and he was pretty drunk. We sat down for a minute and then decided that we should probably leave and wait until he sobered up a bit. We talked to him and he said that he was sinner and that he was lost. He felt like God could never forgive him because he had killed a man before. He showed us like 6 times how he did it by "stabbing" us in the chest. It was like getting punched in the chest everytime haha. Well finally we told him that we wanted to meet him later when he wasnt drunk. We told him that God still loved him no matter what he had done and that we were sent to help, but we couldnt do that when he was drunk so we asked him to not drink anymore that day. He said he wouldnt. 
We set up with him to meet at the Church at 8pm that night and when he walked in the alcohol in the air nearly floored me. He was SOOO much more inerbriated than he had been earlier. We sat down with him and nearly as soon as we sat, we decided he needed to leave. He kept explaining to the member that he had killed a man and was screaming and yelling and finally after a half hour, we got him to leave. The member had super good English and translated for us that he said he had been a mob boss and was also a spy for the Chinese Government. He said that he had his hands cut off and then sewn back on (He did have some pretty epic scars on both hands). Yeah this dude was something else.... nice guy though haha :)
Thats my week! 
Love you guys. Dont worry, Im safe. Drunk people are super nice here. They love Christ haha


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