October 31, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

The Book Of Mormon

This week was pretty cool. We got to got to the Temple on Wednesday. Well we missed the Missionary session so we went to the native session which was pretty fun. We spent pretty much that whole day traveling though.
In English class we went over a list a people who needed a heart transplant and had to decide who was going to recieve the heart based off of their lives. After we talked about it we discussed the Plan of Salvation and how no matter what the outcome for everyone, we can be reassured because we know God's plan for us.
Elder Mcpherson and I had a pretty heated discussion about goal setting and ultimately we decided learned that if we are going to set a goal and not work for it then it is useless. Two quotes came out of that discussion that I really liked a lot
     "If God told you to go move a mountain what would you do? You get a shovel and you start digging." -Elder Wadsworth's Dad
     "I have faith that all things are possible only if you are willing to bleed for it" -Me
So finally we had to figure out what we were going to do to accomplish our goal of having a baptism this week. Still not sure if its going to happen, but we prayed and felt like we should ask one of our progressing investigators to move his date forward 3 weeks. He was pretty freaked out by it, but he said that he might haha. I love it, "might". I think he will though.
We also have been meeting with a 15 year old but he hasnt come to church since we met him like 4 weeks ago. Well I told him that if he wanted to get baptized he had to start coming to church. He said that he usually worked on sundays so I told him that he needed to ask for it off. Well that was friday and guess who walked in to sacrament meeting that Sunday? It kind of floored me because we didnt think that he would be able to get this sunday off. Miracles happen! He was able to get off for 2 hours. I still dont know how it happened.
Last night we had an experience that really strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon. We visited a Less Active member and she sat down to address some of her issues and why she doesnt go to church. She pulled out Doctrine and Covenants and quoted some scripture that says that Christ will come down in glory and she asked why it hasnt happened yet and then she said that she thought it was fulfilled in some randsom guy who she thinks is a prophet or something (We werent 100% sure what she thought this guys was). Elder Mcpherson asked her if she felt like since she started studying his stuff if it has changed her life for the better and she couldnt answer. She also felt like her dreams were an important way God communicated with her and that she shouldnt have to pray if God knows her thoughts. Well we asked her if she still had a faith in Joseph Smith and she said that she did.
This woman had faith in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but she missed very basic doctrine taught therein. She said that none of the Prophets since Joseph Smith actually prophesied, rather that they just continued to teach what Joseph taught so she was seeking more in other places. The Book of Mormon DOES addresss everything that she is concerned about it and is seeking God in strange places. It reminded me of Korihor, someone who thought they were following the command of an angel in declaring that there was no God. Satan had deceived him.
The Book of Mormon is necessary in order to lay down the false doctrines of man!


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