October 25, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

What Week is It?

So time finally feels like its back to moving at a normal pace. The first 2 weeks here were brutal! Adjusting to the new culture, language, and on top of that being super jet lagged beat me up pretty bad. Im feeling pretty normal now though. Still dont understand what people are saying though haha
This week I had an opportunity to go to Taoyuan we found this gorgeous park! The apartments around it are like $30 million USD so yeah never going to be able to live around there in my life haha. 
I learned a pretty valuable lesson this week (well actually ive had this lesson taught to me several times but it just keeps getting reemphasized). We were looking for people to talk to near a junior high and we had been there for about 45 minutes and it was about time for dinner (schools get out at like 4:45 here, count your blessings everyone haha). Elder Mcpherson and I were both tired and hungry and we were about to be done but we decided to talk to just a couple of people and we met a really awesome and humble guy that said that he really wanted to meet with us. I feel very strongly that the blessings come after we are about ready to give up and push just a little bit further. Its like exercising. When you never go further than what is comfortable, you never get in better shape. The same is for preparing for Eternity, if you never go past whats comfortable, you wont ever progress. Growth is found outside one's comfort zone.
I also got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week. Their area is about 40 minutes away on bike but it was pretty cool because the ZL that I got to go with is a Taiwanese Elder and it was very enlightening to work with a missionary who understands the culture a whole lot better than me or Elder Mcpherson does. I also really liked listening to him speak. A lot more natural haha. I hope that I get to have a native companion soon. 
We are also working on helping the members develop the missionary spirit. If you havent had the missionaries over or talked to your non-LDS friends or family about the gospel lately you need to repent! The work will progress exponentially once members understand that they are responsible to find people for missionaries to teach as well.  We need your help. We may be consecrated servants, but we can only interact with so many people in the day! 
Love you guys


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