October 17, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

Beetle Nut

So this week was an interesting one. It started out strong and I even had the opportunity to travel up to Taipei and do splits with some other Elders. Well theyve been out as long as I have so I had the pleasure of being the one who carried the conversations. It was a struggle haha. After that I got to teach English Class. I taught the advanced class which meant that I used only English (thank goodness).
Thursday through Saturday were a different story though. They were pretty discouraging. We got rejected pretty much all day every day. Elder Mcpherson and I tried to figure out what we needed to do differently. We were reading in Preach My Gospel and we decided that when in doubt we needed to bear testimony. Well yesterday after church we tried it out. We still didnt find very many people who were interested but we were no longer being flat out ignored. People were actually listening to us. Then that night we had a guy flag us down on a scooter and ask us where we were going. It turns out that it was a guy that we had tried to talk to several times who confided in us that his mom forbade him from being a Christian but he secretly believed and read the bible and kept it hidden. Every time we've tried to talk to him though he's been high on Beetle Nut and super distracted so we were never able to get his phone number. Well Sunday Night we totally got it! Im so stoked. We are truly blessed for bearing testimony.
Church was a little rough though. I didnt understand much so it was kind of like tweedling my thumbs for 3 hours. I did however get to bear my testimony in Sacrament. I accidently said that I got to Taiwan 10 years ago not 10 days ago. People were pretty funny about it. I think most of them new I just said it wrong (because my chinese is rough haha).
Well another week done. I guess Im 10% done with my mission. I dont really feel like thats real because I feel like ive been out for forever but that it will never end. Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Probably a little bit of both


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