October 10, 2016


Mission Home, Da-An District, Taipei,


Elder McPherson

Eight Virtues

So I am currently living in Bade which translates to eight virtues. That is pretty neat. The virtues that I am currently working on are Patience, Obedience, and Long Suffering. It has been a crazy experience here in Taiwan. I dont really understand much of whats going on so I really just have to rely on the Lord.
My Trainer is Elder Mcpherson. he is really funny. Pretty crazy but he will speak to anyone! Its been pretty fun because we'll be surrounded by scooters and talking to someone and the light will turn green and they all blow by. Honestly thats going to take some getting used to. Getting buzzed by busses gets your adrenalin pumping haha. Its funny though because I feel very safe because I know that if I do my best to be safe, God will protect me.
 I want everyone to know that miracles happen, and often we will be inspired to act and have no idea that we were following the Spirit. Elder Bednar taught that "when you are being a good boy or a good girl" and you are trying your best to follow the Lord that the Spririt will work through you and more often then not you will have no idea. I have seen that in the last two weeks. Two nights ago is a prime example. I am very very jet lagged and so Saturday I had the hardest time staying awake and when we finally got out of priesthood session I was hardly consious. My Trainer, Elder Mcpherson said that we were going to go visit a less active. I was about to protest but decided against it and we ended up going. When we got there the woman we were visting asked how we knew she would be there. I guess she moved away several weeks ago and she was just visiting her brother and rarely stayed the night. Well we had no idea, we just pulled a name randomly off of the ward list and it just so happened that her and her non member brother were home and we had a reason to come in a talk. You can call that a coincidence but if it starts becoming a pattern we might want to consider another option ;)
Its been hard adjusting to Taiwan but I know that the Lord wants me here and this will bless mine and many others lives.


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