October 3, 2016


North Dakota


Elder Jarman

Leaving ND

"We tread a path covered with diamonds but we can scarcely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles"

Well its come time to leave North Dakota. Its been a wonderful time here. I am going to really miss it and honestly I am going to miss the people here terribly. I have learned a lot here and I wouldnt trade my time here. It has been a humbling experience and I have grown to love the quote by President Monson "Dont let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I feel like this transfer has been a good lesson in that and it has opened my eyes more clearly to my own inadequacies in this facet of my life. It also excites me because I am more aware of how I can prepare to face those things that will come in life where my patience and humility will be tried even harder. I am excited to be able to learn and grow more.
This week was pretty wonderful. I was kind of in my head about Taiwan, but I had the opportunity to say goodbye to most of the people that I love. I am really sad that I didnt get to say goodbye to several people, but I love them none the less. I had a wonderful conversation with an investigator and he confided some heavy things that are going on in his life and it baffled me that someone twice my age is confiding in 3 people in there low 20s. Its very humbling for me to be a representative of Christ and to be treated like as such. 
Conference was SWWEEETTT. I havent been able to listen to a pretty good portion of it because I watched it with families that have little kids. Priesthood session was super good though!!! It was over too quickly. I can confidently say that I enjoyed conference more this time than I have ever in my life. It was SSSSSSSSOOOO DOPE. Carol F McConkie's talk was sweet as well. Also for you Pharisees about caffiene, check out how Elder Cook threw down on that in the Saturday Afternoon session. I thought it was pretty funny.
STTTOOOOPPPPPP telling people how we cant drink caffeine! That is false doctrine and its a stumbling block for missionary work! If you dont want to drink it thats cool. Keep it to yourself!
TAIWAN HERE I COME!!!! Im scared out of my freaking mind!!! But hey "God gives unto men weaknesses that they may be humble." Pray for me! I will seriously need it
Love, Elder Sproul

PS I got lectured by a 9 year old after I said that I feel like I BS everything. She said that a missionary should not be using that kind of language. Thats a pretty heavy lesson to learn. 


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