September 19, 2016


North Dakota


Elder Jarman

I Just Might Freeze to Death

This week has been pretty freakin sweet! Eric, the guy that has been investigating the church  and hasnt missed a day of church for like 2 years, finally got baptized. Satan was working hard on him when he made the decision though. He said that even though he knew it was ridiculous, that a thought went through his head of "what if there is another person like Hitler and instead of killing Jews he wants to kill Mormons and now my name will be on record!" We met with him every day until his baptism and now he says that he is doing super well!

Its been getting colder and colder. I might freeze to death here if I dont make it to Taiwan soon. Any day that it is cloudy, the temp sits around 50 degrees. I wouldnt be surprised if it snowed in the next 3 weeks.

I love the opportunities that I have had to meet so many different people and get to know their stories. It baffles me how I denied myself that opportunity for so many years by letting my anxiety of meeting new people stop me from do that. This is a pretty cool work and I have seen blessings in my life already.


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