September 12, 2016


North Dakota


Elder Jarman

Ezekiel 16:35

This week has been pretty amazing! It hasnt been easy but I most definitely feel blessed.

We have gone over to a persons house every week for the last couple of weeks to help them finish their basement before their baby's surgery and they have only been getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep every night for the last 3 weeks. I feel terrible for them, but it has been a cool opportunity to get in and get to know knew people.

Wednesday night we did splits with the Zone Leaders because they needed to interview Ronda.

Ronda was baptized this week and she was sooo excited!  It was way fun to be apart of. She was stressing about it but then we practiced being baptized and she was totally ready :)

Saturday I got to go to the temple in Bismarck because A family that Elder Jarman baptized was getting sealed. That is the smallest temple! like seriously Ive been in houses that are bigger but it was gorgeous in there!

On Sunday, right after sacrament, an investigator who has been going to church every week for the last 2 years approached us and asked what he needed to do to be baptized. My trainer, Elder Jarman was floored because no one really expected this man to get baptized and it came out of no where. He said that he wanted to do it this week and asked if he could get baptized thursday! So freaking cool!!!!

We are currently working with a couple of families that I cant get out of my head. Its weird because I hardly know them but I love them so much.

I have had a very interesting week in terms of my own faith and development. Im excited to continue to grow even though it most definitely not been easy. 


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