August 29, 2016


North Dakota


Elder Jarman


So here I am in the good ol' land of Dickinson, North Dakota. Its pretty neat. Members feed us all the time and Im gonna get so jacked haha. I had my first opportunity going to my ward yesterday. It was weird. I feel so awkward with everything I do! I currently dont know how to person (I think im faking it pretty well though).

I felt a little weird in church but meeting with families and the people we get to teach is actually really cool. I get a little nervous right before going into someone's home but while I'm there, there is an interesting feeling. I am a holy man I guess, and people we teach treat us like that. It feels a little awkward knowing that Im not just a person but a representative of Jesus Christ and people (mostly non members investigators) treat us like that.

Its made me think about what it means to take upon us the name of Christ. When we read the scriptures, there are many people who are types of Christ, the one who sticks out to me most readily is Nephi. The very first thing he does is honor his parents saying "I Nephi being born of goodly parents..." the rest of the things he writes are his good works and teachings of Christ. Christ, in all his teachings and works, honored and glorified the Father. We can all be types of Christ. When we live the way Christ did and emulate his teachings, we honor both our earthly parents and our Heavenly Father. Just doing this is an amazing step in bringing others to Christ.

I have a challenge for everyone. I know that sharing your testimony with someone you are close with is scary but if you do it in love it can change lives. Who needs to hear your testimony? Do you love them enough to do it?

I love all of you and Im praying for you!

Love, Elder Sproul


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