August 19, 2016


Provo, Utah,


Last week in the MTC

So im still convinced that this is how spirit prison would feel. Not allowed to leave, a beautiful place, but you spend 9+ hours a day studying the gospel. Dont get me wrong I love studying the gospel and I have learned a ton just in 2 weeks but 9 hours in a class gets a little rough. The only reason I stay sane is because of the amazing people in my district and my the lessons I get to teach.
It has been a very humbling experience to be here. My companion teaches me a lot. I dont know if he means to but he has taught me a lot about humility and patience. One of my zone leaders also has given me a lot to ponder on. Last night he was telling us about his home life. He is from el salvador and lived in a tiny home. His Dad passed away when he was four and so his older siblings basically raised him while his mom was at work. He told us how when he was little all he wanted was a puppy but that they couldnt afford it. He asked his mom all the time for a puppy and finally one day he went and drew a puppy on a piece of paper and took it around everywhere with him. This was his puppy. When he was older he actually got a dog but didnt have it for very long because he couldnt afford to feed it so he had to give it away. He talked a lot about his opportunities in life and how grateful he was for them. He talked about how he only had 27 people graduate from high school with him because most people dropped out because of gangs or pregnancy. He told us how the only reason he was able to serve a mission was because of the sacrifice that everyone he knew, including non-members, made so that he could come. Its caused me to reflect on the opportunities I have had in my life and I am so grateful.
My investigators have asked me some very good questions and it has been quite the experience in following the spirit to be able to help them. There has been many times Elder Phan and I have been completely unsure what our investigator needs and do our best to prepare a lesson. We get to their door and before we knock we pray to be guided because we dont know what to do and the lesson is incredible and directed and totally not what we had prepared to teach. I have never felt so guided. Its an amazing thing. 
Lastly, I am headed to bismarck, north dakota. Not really sure whats in North Dakota but I know I will be in a week haha. I head out on wednesday and will  hopefully only be there for 6 weeks. 
Love all of you!


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