August 12, 2016


Provo MTC


Elder Phan

Week 1 at the MTC

Well week 1 is down. I cant remember the exact story but Joseph Smith said that when he had a vision of the spirit world he saw several ancient prophets and that they said that they felt like they were in prison without bodies. Currently I feel I can relate to those spirits. We are all getting a little stir crazy. We spend 9 hours in the classroom a day and the MTC Campus is tiny. Fortunately if we have good behavior they give us an hour of yard time (exercise time is what gets me though the day). 
In all reality I feel the schedule here is rough and I am quite excited for the actual field. It will be hard but in a different way. I dont know whether I am sad or excited (probably a little of both) but I will more than likely serve my first transfer here in the United States because I wont be able to get my visa in time. I am so glad that I only have to spend three weeks here though haha. I am in the international district because apparently I am Chinese now. In my district there is an elder from South Korea, China, El Salvador (Mariah we had the conversation this morning and came to the agreement that El Salvador is in North America), a sister from Taiwan and one from Thailand and then there are two Americans that are heritage speakers of Vietnamese and Mandarin. I think that must mean I am a foreigner as well. In my Zone there is only like 2 of us who havent lived out of the country and only like 5 that are Americans. 
We have had the opportunity to teach two different investigators (we were told that some of them were real and others were members but that we wouldnt know who was who and they wouldnt tell us). One of our investigators used to go to church with her friend when she was little but  got scared off by some over eager Elders. She is super nice. I would say she was on track for baptism but we're like 99% sure she is a member already haha. Our other Investigator we think is actually legit. He said he just moved here and asked some friends how he could find out about the church so he didnt offend the people around him and they sent him to the MTC. Im pretty sure they get paid to investigate here and he was raised in Japan and their culture is very much about not offending people, plus his questions are pretty real feeling. He is really fun to teach. Its actually hard to keep within our allotted time because talking to him is just so easy. 
On Tuesday Elder Anderson came.  His testimony was incredible. He emphsized very heavily that he stood as a witness and KNEW that the Savior was resurrected. The way bore his testimony of it and the amount of times he emphasized it made it seem very clear that he was saying that he has met the Savior. This meant the world to me because I have been trying very hard to feel the reality of His resurrection. 
I heard an Apostle of the Lord bear witness that he has seen our resurrected Savior! I hope that the gravity of that strikes all of you like it did me.
This week has been incredibly long but it has been great
Love, Elder Sproul


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