November 5, 2017




Elder Hong

Sick Week

So this week was pretty crazy! It started with Mac and Joshua taking us to lunch and then we went bowling with Joshua. I was starting to feel kind of sick by the middle of the day, and by the end of the day, my throat hurt so bad that I didnt even want to swallow water. I slept terrible and woke up the next day a total wreck. I tried to get up and do studies and had so little energy that standing was rough. I crawled back into bed until lunch, then got back into bed and slept till dinner. We had two appointments that night which we went to and they were pretty awesome!!! I was still pretty wrecked so we went home after them, and I went to sleep at like 8:30
Im feeling a lot better so dont worry everyone. Then on thursday we had zone conference. We received some pretty interesting news. We will be switching to smart phones, and everyone will buy their own. Should be interesting. Any suggestions on what type of Samsung phone would be much appreciated. 
Then we had a huge miracle! We got flu shots, and the doctor who came to the church to supervise, just happened to live across the street, and was a former investigator who was nearly baptized. He decided he wanted to come back to church. He and his wife are AWESOME!!!!! 
I have been trying really hard to learn how to rely on the Lord, and I am finding that as I try, things happen that are totally not of my doing and not from my efforts, but they are happening anyway. We are truly blessed when we seek God. Its so awesome!!!!
Love y'all!!!


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