October 8, 2017


Hualien, , Taiwan


Elder Brad Halverson

Conference Weekend is a lot like our Super Bowl Weekend

So this week has been an interesting one. It has been raining for for the last like 4 days... bleh. Yesterday was really weird though because it would rain cats and dogs for like 5 minutes, and then stop for like 15 minutes. It did that all day. I cant decide if I think it was awesome, or if it drove me nuts haha. 
We started off the week right by going to an all you can eat barbecue place. Now Taiwanese barbecue is pretty different than in America. In a Taiwanese barbecue restaurant, you sit in front of a grill and grill the meat yourself. You order plates of meat, and they bring it out to you. They give you a two hour limit. Now two hours is a long time, and for me it sounds a lot like a challenge. Who is going to win, me or the restaurant? Its a good place. I walk away from them every time vowing that Im going to become a vegetarian. So Tuesday, I got to do an exchange with one of my favorite Elders. Elder Spencer is from Idaho, and we're gonna do a cattle drive when he gets home. He is also the only one I can geek out with about climbing. Nothing makes me miss home more than climbing (maybe Mexican food (sorry Mom I miss you too I promise(but still not as bad as climbing and Mexican))). The worst part about the exchange, was we had been invited to go to a barbecue but because I was in the other area, I didn't get to go. Thats ok though, because on Wednesday we went to another. In total, Elder Halverson had gone to three barbecues in 3 days. I think he was close to dying. Thats a lot of meat.
For conference, we dragged like all the couches into the relief society room and enjoyed watching it in English. We still waited a week to watch because all the wards in Taiwan wait for the translation. Well our little English room way way fun. We made breakfast each day and ate while we watched. 
So many people from Zhongli also came down that I got to see! The Liu family, whom I helped get baptized, came with their entire family, 12 total. It was so awesome to get to see them. I adore them. Joshua and Mac, two people that I met from Zhongli's English class, also came down! They are so awesome. They are incredibly generous, to the point where I feel a little guilty! Today we are going to go explore with them. Love those two
You know I was a little depressed this week. I think the rain was getting to me, but I started going through Preach My Gospel with a sticky note on each page. I am writing what I can start doing, or do better from each page on the sticky note. Now needless to say, its becoming very clear how very far off I am from implementing PMG perfectly, but like we learned in conference, when we ask to see our weaknesses, God will show them too us, but we will feel hope for change.  Its pretty exciting all the changes I can see that are already coming as I started this experiment.


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