September 24, 2017


Hualien, , Taiwan


Elder Brad Halverson

On Wednesdays we wear pink

You know this week was kind of nice. I dont know if I have too much to say, but I feel a lot of relief. We have been working for nearly 2 months to get an English class running at Dong Hwa University, and Friday will finally be our first class. There will still be kinks to work out, but its finally up and running! 
We also had a going away party for the Beutlers! Im going to miss them super bad! They are adorable and theyve really impacted the wards here. Everyone feels very close to them. Its kind of like have Grandparents here in Taiwan. Plus sister Beutler makes some pretty awesome desserts (I miss American desserts so bad!!! What I wouldnt give  for some homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies haha). Well they will be leaving on Thursday.
So I have a tooth that is starting to get loose, and I was trying to figure out what to do, so I went to the Dentist (which by the way is only like 3 dollars) and once he saw the Xray he said, and I quote, "I can do nothing, I can do nothing! Well I can pull it out but thats not what you want." He then said in his 30 years of Dentistry that he has never seen this problem before. Now this sounds bad and all, but honestly Ive known about this problem since I was like 12. Every dentist freaks out when they see  my Xrays. Its fun haha. So basically I dont have a root in my tooth (no one is sure how its still alive, or even in) and I just have to wait until it falls out. If I make it to the end of my mission with all my teeth, it will be a miracle haha.
Leaves are changing color (I didnt even know they did that here...)
We also had the sickest ward Barbecue every...


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