September 17, 2017


Hualien, , Taiwan


Elder Brad Halverson

Crazy Week

So this week was somethin else! We started the week by setting up 5 people in 2 hours of street contacting. It was amazing! We felt on fire! By Friday, we were way burnt out though, and then on Saturday we had 7 appointments, and 6 of them stood us up. This included 2 progressing investigators and a member haha. The one who didnt stand us up never leaves his house (or showers, cleans, or changes his clothes...) so at least we could rely on him to pull through (well actually not really because he said he would come to church the next day and he totally didnt). It was such a ridiculous day that it wasnt even upsetting. It started to get really funny! Honestly it still cracks me up how ridiculous it was! 
Sunday made up for all of Saturday though. Since I have been in Hualian I have never had more than 1 investigator at church, and that was super inconsistent, but Sunday we had 4. It was 2 families that are both amazing! One of them is a Mom and her 2 sons who are super funny. She is a super amazing mom. She sacrifices so much so that she can raise her boys well. She makes sure to read with them every night, and now that includes the Book of Mormon, and she works super hard to teach the proper principles. I have so much respect for her! The other family was a husband and wife that the Beutlers, a senior couple serving here in Hualian, found. The Beutlers are leaving Taiwan next week, so they are handing off some of their investigators, and they are amazing! The wife already sounds like a member! We are really excited to get to teach them. 
Sunday also held a pretty fun adventure. It was clubs day at the University in our area. We have been attempting to start an English class there, and we figured that it would be a perfect time to go and start signing people up! It was crazy! There were so many people and we had about 30 people sign up, with sever of those saying they would bring their friends. I think we might be a little in over our head. I expect only a couple to show up the first week, and then by the second week, to have WAY too many. It should be fun haha! 
Ive also spent a lot of time recently studying and pondering on what the price for sin actually is. What did Christ actually pay in our behalf. As I have come to understand this, it has deepened my appreciation and understanding of God's plan for His children. It really is so perfect! It allows everyone to partake of Salvation to some degree, that choose to accept it. To the very end, our agency is respected and valued! On top of that, it has deepened my sense of awe for what Christ did. He experienced perdition for each one of us. I can now understand why it made him "the greatest of all, to shrink" and ask if there was any other way. I cant say that I know him the way that I wish I could, but that is a heck of a lot of love to muster up for a person. And he didnt just do it for one of us, but he did it for every one of us, individually. The only thing that I can use to describe my feelings toward this is "awestruck."
Love you guys!!! Hope your week goes great! Im praying for all of you! :)
Elder Sproul


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