December 5, 2017



Week 10

guys this week has been awesome. tons of hard work but it all pays off. we have been super busy all week which is great because it helps the week move quicker and keeps you busy!

on wednesday we helped this non member move and they were great people. their stuff was all super dirty and hairy from their cat and they didnt have a lot either. it was really humbling to see how much we have been given. we were able to share light the world with them as well and they seemed really interested. we also learned about family history as well and that was super cool to be able to do that and do essentially missionary work for the other side! we did get a steak dinner this night as well which is awesome!!

on thursday we did our weekly planning and got our week nice and busy which is great. we had dinner at our ward mission leaders home and we had roast beef and they liked to put relish on it... it was super interesting and it was some family recipe that they loved and they were saying how if they were to sell it they would be billionaires. one of the kids said "relish is my life" and you would have had to bee there to understand how funny this was. he was 100% serious and we couldnt stop laughing.

on friday we had some time to go tracting and thats always fun. me and elder grider felt very strongly to go to one area that we pointed at the same time which was super cool then when we got there we were trying to figure out where to go and we did the same thing and it was dope. that night we had an appointment with a family that was potential investigators and they all were super interested and we got 4 new investigators!!!

me and elder grider were talking about how much we just wanted a home BBQ burger and for lunch on saturday a member had us over and thats exactly what we had and we were super happy. right after that we had a bible referral and we got 3 new investigators from that as well! the lords loves us and definitely blesses us.

sunday was a great day and we had a lot of appointments that day as well. we ended up going to a filipinos home for dinner and it turned out it was a filipino party and everything! we were about to leave to watch the christmas devo but they turned it on so we watched it with them!! theyre great.

yesterday was busy as well we helped some members with some work in their house and had district meeting and elder griders old companion is going home so he came and stayed with us and it was really fun! we are super excited for richie to get baptized on staurday!!

side note: i might not be able to send out an email next week because we are going to BANFF!!!!!!!!

pic one: thats our district i dont know why but we decided to take off our ties for the pic and it looks pretty sweet​​

pic two: filipino party!! the dude that i have my hand around came up and pretty much sat on me for the picture i was laughing so hard he reminded me of a drunk guy with his coke i was laughing so hard


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