May 22, 2017


North Logan, UT


Elder Christensen

Forget the hearse cause I never die...

This week was a blast! Me and Elder Christensen had a great time. First of all on Tuesday we were able to go to the temple. It was great to be able to go with a family name and work through all the ordinances. It was special because that was the very last time I will go to the Houston temple, or any temple for that matter as a missionary. I sure am going to miss it there. Later that day we were able to visit the investigators that we are teaching that have dates.
We pull up outside their house and they are all standing around outside. We get out and walk up to see what is going on. As we get closer, we see that they are all standing around their dog, which is laying on the ground and bleeding. We ask what happened and they told
us that three dogs had ganged up and mauled their dog. All of the vets were closed apparently so they started to take things into their own hands. Hispanics have an interesting view on medicine, both human and animal. They basically started grinding up pills of something and
putting the powder in all of the wounds. They then poured some red stuff on it (still don't know what that was) and just kind of left the dog there after that. It was slightly distracting and we weren't able to start the lesson for a while. Good news though, it still is alive
so I think we are in the clear.

On Wednesday we were able to go to a prison to visit with a recent convert of mine from when I was here the first time. He had made some bad decisions after I left and wound up in the slammer. It was quite the ordeal. Neither I or Elder Christensen had ever visited a prison
before, so neither of us had any idea what to do. We went in the lobby (we were the only white people there) and were just standing there trying to figure out what to do. An officer saw that we looked lost, so he waved us over and explained that they had a big book on a table
with all of the inmates names in the prison with some other information. He told us to find our guy in the Book and come back. So we go over to this massive book and open it up. We go to the right page and write down the info and go back to the counter we were at. The officer looks at it and tells us that we are in the wrong building. Come to find out there were like four separate buildings
that were all prisons. And they were right next to downtown and the astros stadium. Weird place for a prison. But anyways we leave that building and walk down the street to the correct building. We go in and talk to the officer at that counter and show him the same
information. He asked for our ID to start checking us in and he kind of didn't like my expired temporary drivers license, but he let us in anyways. :) We leave all of our things in some locker and go into an elevator. Raymundo is on level six of seven (we assumed that level
seven was the worst and were therefore thoroughly impressed that Raymundo had gotten himself to level six) so we get of on that floorand go up to another counter, but this one is like a control center. We give that officer our paper with Raymundos info on it and wait. The
room is set up with five or so little parallel hallways all leading into the one main hall where the control center is. In these little hallways are seats with phones looking into plexiglass. Each side of the hall has plexiglass on the walls so you can see all of the people as they are speaking with the inmates. We sit down at a station and
wait. They let all of the prisoners in and they start to find their visitors and talk with them, but Raymundo doesn't come out. We notice some old Hispanic guy with glasses wandering around and after he saw that all the other seats had been taken he sat down at our station and asked us if we were looking for him. We were confused because it wasn't Raymundo. One of the police walks out and asks us if we were trying to talk to this guy, and we said no. He sends the guy back to his cell and has us come up to the control center again. He asks
somebody else to do a search and he tells us that that is the only Raymundo Medina in the prison. I said that I definitely knew that he wasn't Raymundo and that Raymundo was in jail here. Then he did a system wide search and another Raymundo Medina pops up.... in the
first building we were in. So we did a major face palm and walked back over to the first building where we repeated the whole process again and finally got to talk with Raymundo. It was awesome and he said that
we were the only people besides his wife that had come to visit him. We asked him about prison and he said that he had gained thirty pounds there! He gets fed four times a day which is better than us. I think they do it so they are all too fat to escape. We could tell that he didn't want to end the visit, but we had to leave so we were only able to talk to him for twenty or twenty five minutes. He said that he is hoping to get out this week but that he might get deported. He said that if he gets deported he will just cross back over though. No biggie. So that was Wednesday.

Thursday we got a new car! Our car was gross! We are excited. That's about all that happened on Thursday, but we sure were happy.
Friday President came to our district meeting, which was the very first time he had ever come to a district meeting that I have been at. It was interesting and he had some very insightful comments. I love being around president, but it is also kind of scary for us all. After district meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Vickers, an English Elder in our district. He is ginger and twenty five, so it was a good time. He had a good time and lucked out because all of the people that we taught that day spoke English too.

Saturday was my two year mark! Two years ago I went into the MTC. It is crazy that it has been that long, but it also feels like I have been out here forever. Life before the mission just feels like a dream. None of it was real. Super crazy. So that was great. To celebrate my ward mission leader decided he was going to only call me
by my first name now because "it's time for me to go home." It was weird to hear my name... I don't like it. But he is one of my favorite members so he can get away with it.

Then this morning we got up bright and early to go do some meditation and chanting at a Buddhist temple. It was pretty legit, and it's only a mile away from our apartment. After we went to a members house and
learned how to make enchiladas. It went well.


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