July 6, 2015




Elder Marquez

I'm here

Well I made it.It is really hot and really humid here. Thank goodness for air conditioning. My companions name is Elder Marquez and he is from Sacramento. He has been out about six months. We are in a town called Tomball, Texas, and we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. Lots of farmland, lots of trailer parks. It has been good though. The mtc prepared me fine for teaching lessons I think, but it didn't really prepare me for the field at all. It has been fun though. I miss the mountains, but the sky is so big here. There are clouds like the clouds in Toy Story on the wall, you know? My district seems pretty nice, and everything has been good so far. We are driving, and wait till you see a picture of what they have us driving. Awesome. I am still trying to figure out the picture situation here. Our apartment is decent, but really filthy. It is a townhome, two floors and three bathrooms. Our air conditioning now works, which is nice because the first few nights I was here it didn't because someone didn't change the filter forever. I haven't had too many awesome meals out here, I am not sure if you have my paper letter yet, but the best food was from the Mortensens. There was also a really nice lady that fed us and it was pretty good. Already run into crazy people. One guy got super close to us, like inches, and was trying to explain how everybody was actually a man, or had a man spirit or something, but that girls just had wombs or something. It was funny but totally a waste of time. Most everybody speaks english here, so so much for my hopefully immersive experience with Spanish. Whatever. Any questions? Off at noon here time.


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