June 19, 2015




Elder Randall

1 month

Hey guysThis week has been ok. It is strange to have two new districts here. I am not sure I like it. Before we were the only three elders, and now there are like eighteen. I have gotten sick, which is no good. I have a sore throat and a cough. Hey dad, can you send me a walkthrough on how to shine shoes? I have stuff, I just don't really know how to use it. How much polish do you put on? how long do you scrub it? Does any brown polish work for brown shoes? Maybe you guys could send me some cough drops or something. I am only going to write a little right now because we might be getting our travel plans later today. Not sure though. Also, I figured out why I am flying out three days later than everybody else. I found four elders that are going to my mission! I have only talked with them a little, and they are brand new. They just came in this wednesday , but since they are speaking english they will be leaving the same day I do. I have yet to figure out if anyone else in their zone is going to houston as well. They put some of the new elders in our room, so now we have six people in our room. It is pretty crowded. Also, could you tell the Hansens thanks for me? They sent me a tie, but I don't know their email address. Happy fathers day dad! you are so old, and now you have even less fathering to do. Mom, the elders are jealous of my life flight shirt that you sent me. They all think it is pretty cool. I have some incoming pictures I need other people to send me, so I will get those out eventually. Have fun


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