June 12, 2015




Elder Randall

Week 3

Hey guys, whats up?Not too much happened this week. Pretty standard. We didn't get a new district on wednesday, so it is still just the two districts we started with. The other district starts to fly out on monday though, so it will be us for a few days. We are supposed to get around twenty people in two new districts this wednesday. I heard rumors that a few were from utah state, so we will see if I know them or not. I think the spanish is going pretty well, I understand it a lot better than I speak it. There are these spanish elders on our floor in the residence, both from chile, and we talk with them a lot. I usually understand the conversation but every now and again I get lost. I am definitely making progress though. My grammar is awful, but I speak it well enough that I can usually get my point across in lessons. One thing, Stop sending candy. At least for now. We have so much junk food laying around the room it isn't even funny. It is all good, thanks for the cookies by the way, but we have pounds of it just sitting around. We got to host again this wednesday, not sure if I told you about that last week, but that was pretty fun. We just take all the new missionaries to get their books and show them their apartments and classrooms. I must have sinned this week because all but one of my elders were on the fourth floor in their residence. The other guy was on the third. One guy was totally a jerk too. He had two big suitcases and one little one, and we get to the stairs and he was like "I'll get that one" and takes the small suitcase. I have no problem carrying a big one and a small one, but both big ones up four floors? Really? That was lame. My host wasn't very fun, he just kind of walked me to my places, so I tried to be a little more friendly and chat with the newbies. No apostles this week. I am seeing more people come in that I recognize from school, so that is cool. We got to go off campus twice this week which was fun. Elder randall needed to pick up a two year supply of his anxiety medication, so we got to walk to the pharmacy and back. Could you send me one more pair of blue socks and one more pair of brown socks? Also, could you see if you could get stacey to send two more of her texas ties she gave me? Or you send them? My companions have been begging for them. They said they would pay for them if they needed to. I am glad you are taking the day job mom, I think that is a good idea. I will be back on a little later, I just need to start drying my laundry.


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