August 20, 2019


Shadle Park Ward


Elder Thorne

Apostolic visit!

Hey everyone,

This week was incredible and it went by super quick! We had an Apostle come and talk with us and it was so amazing! We also did some fun service and got two people we are teaching on date for baptism!

On Saturday we went to Coeur D'Alene Idaho for a mission conference. We had all of the missionaries in our whole mission show up to the stake center over there for about 5 hours or so. We got to shake hands and hear from Elder Gary E Stevenson and it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong when he walked in the room, you could just feel that he was there without seeing him. He shared a lot of great advice with us on how we can improve our missionary work and we are excited to apply the council he gave us and see many more blessing come from it.

Before hand we went and did service for another church and it was fun! We went and helped them set up a community event to give kids shoes and other things they might need. We just put up tables and put chairs in place and things like that. It was good getting to know more people from another church and working together with them.

The two on dates we got are Cliff and September. Cliff is Septembers dad and they are both awesome! We didn't even have to bring up baptism to them they just wanted it from the beginning. They set the date up with us before we even taught them anything and it was so cool! They are going to be baptized on October 5th and they are pumped!

I just wanted to share something cool that the spirit taught me when Elder Stevenson had bore his testimony and we had a few minutes to reflect on the things we learned. The spirit confirmed to me really strongly again that God is my Father and that he loves me and that everything else falls into place because of that. It was an amazing feeling and a great reminder to me. I hope that you all reflect on your experiences and can find the things that God has given you to bless your life and make it great! I hope that you have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb


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