July 22, 2019


Spokane Washington 2nd Ward


Elder Farr

Getting stuck at the temple

Hey everyone,

This week was a lot of fun! We were able to go to the temple and able to meet up with some people we haven't seen for a while. We also talked with an awesome lady who is super interested.

On Friday we went to the temple and it was amazing! We went with Lynn for her first and she loved it. We all felt the spirit super strongly and she said that it felt like when she was baptized. Kind of a funny story from after we got done in the temple, so we had a lesson scheduled about an hour and a half after we got done. We were supposed to be getting a ride back to our area for the lesson and everything, but the guy who was giving us a ride got lost and ended up not coming. He did apologize for not making it but we got stuck at the temple for awhile, definitely not the worst place to get stuck. Then our Bishop came and got us. The guy we were supposed to be teaching wasn't available anymore anyway but it worked out okay haha.

We finally got to talk with David and Melody again. I don't remember if I have said much about them before but I'll just explain a little bit to fill you in. They both go to a bible school and are very knowledgeable about the Bible. They are trying to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and we talked a lot about that at our lesson this week. It's cool because they are trying to seek truth and find out for themselves. We are going to continue to work with them and help them to grow in their testimonies.

Our dinner on Saturday was with Lynn and her mother. Her mom is from Florida and she is super nice! She was talking with us and said that she is wanting to find out more about the things that we believe in. She said that she really likes our church so it'll be great to continue to meet with her!

Kind of a long one today so thanks to all you who read through it all! Keep pressing on with a steadfastness in Christ. I hope that you all have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb

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