May 27, 2019


Spokane Washington 2nd Ward


Elder Farr

Amazing Week!

Hey everyone,

This was an amazing week!! We had some great days and saw some great things happen. Let's go...

First I had my birthday on Tuesday and that was awesome! I had a really big surprise when a good family friend showed up at the door and gave me a present from my family and his family and it was great! Thanks Bryan and Mom and everyone who helped set it up. Also thanks for all the birthday wishes, you guys rock!

We found an awesome kid while playing basketball the other day! We saw him once before but he didn't say too much to us but this time he asked a bunch of questions. We had a great conversation and ended up talking for like an hour and a half. We talked about everything from missions to Christ in America and just lots of great stuff. We are hopefully going to be seeing him tomorrow night.

On Saturday we had two baptisms! They were so great! Lynn and Christine were so happy to be baptized and they were smiling forever after the ordinance took place. It was amazing to see! Although I personally only had like 2-3 lessons with them, it was great to see them accomplish something that they had been working towards.

I hope that you all have a great week! Keep on pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ. I know you'll be blessed for your efforts. Love you all!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb


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