February 11, 2019


Deer Lake/Chewelah


Elder Simmons

Almost ran out of gas

Hey everyone,

This week was a good last week for Elder Simmons and I! We went on some good adventures and found a couple of awesome new people! So lets get right into it.

First of all when we were in Deer Lake at the beginning of the week we went out further than what we normally do. We tried to find a lady that lived clear out in the middle of nowhere and we unfortunately weren't able to find her house, but it was a good time getting lost in the woods. Another day we were trying to do the same thing, but this time when we were in this small town called Springdale when we realized that we were almost out of gas. That's not good because Springdale doesn't have a gas station and the closest one was in a town called Valley a little ways a way. We prayed that we would make it there and not have to push the car and we made it. When we got there it was a really old pump so we had the guy help us haha.

We had a really cool experience on Friday night. We were praying about a street to tract on and we both thought of the same street while we were praying. We went to the street and for the first hour and 45 minutes it wasn’t very successful but then came the very last house... We knocked on this house and they let us right in. It was a family with really young kids and the guy (Brandon) said that he never let's people in. The spirit seriously led us on that one! We are going back this Friday and we are excited!

So for transfers I am going to be staying in Deer Lake and Chewelah. My companion is going to be Elder Bedoya and he was already in the district from this transfer so that'll be great! I'm excited to keep working with the people in these wards and see many more miracles! I lately have been studying about the gathering of scattered Israel and it’s a very real thing that is so cool to be able to place a piece in it. I challenge all of you to find ways that you can help with this great cause as well. I hope that you all have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb


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