February 4, 2019


Deer Lake/Chewelah


Elder Simmons

Mouse in the house

Hey everyone,

This week was a great one for us! Like I talked about last week, after the trial of your faith comes the blessings. That definitely happened for us this week! We had some awesome things happen and some funny things so let's get into it.

This week we were able to find 4 new people in Chewelah!! That doesn't normally happen! When we told our district leader about it he was baffled haha. We were truly led by the spirit to talk to the right people. We were able to have a great lesson with a couple named Mike and Corey. We had talked with Mike a couple of times previously and he said that he really liked the church. When we knocked on his door on Saturday he let us right in! We talked with him and his wife for a while about some things they liked about the church and a few things that they were wondering about. We helped clear some things up and then we shared with them the restoration lesson. At first Mike was super into it and Corey wasn't as much but as the lesson progressed we had a great discussion and they felt the spirit. By the end Corey was fully engaged in it and it was just overall really great!

When we showed up to Chewelah on Thursday we were in the kitchen just bringing stuff in from the car and then Elder Simmons sees a mouse run across the room. So the mouse went under the oven so we went and hit the oven then it ran into the laundry room and hid. We couldn't find it so we went on with the day and put some cheese out to try and lure in the mouse. Well when we checked again there was no cheese and no mouse. Probably not the smartest idea ever haha. We decided to step up our game and get some mouse traps. We got them and set 4 of them up with cheese on them and then guess what? The mouse took off with all of the cheese again. We then decided to name him Jerry because he was too clever for us. We set up the traps again with 3 pieces of cheese and a little apple slice on the other. The cheese was placed so that if he tried to get them it would be really hard for him to live to tell the tale. So what does he do? You guessed it, he just took the apple slice. Jerry strikes again! Finally on that same trap we put a piece of cheese on it and it felt like if anything even barely touched it it would be smacked. So last night we finally got our victory! We were studying and all of the sudden we hear the trap go off. We ran in and found Jerry trapped and squirming to get out. He didn't last long so after all of that we had finally taken out Jerry. I know this probably all sounds pretty silly but we were hyped!

One more piece of news for you and this is a bitter sweet one... Elder Simmons got his visa in so he is going to be heading to Portugal one week from today. I am happy that he gets to go over to his mission, but we'll sure miss him here! He's been a great companion and we are looking forward to this last week together! Well I hope that you all have a great week! Talk to you all again soon! Touché!

Your Friendly Neighborhood

Elder Webb


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