November 19, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Hilsen

Transfer Week

Hey everyone,

This was another good week here in Spokane. We got our transfer calls this morning and I am going to be headed to Idaho! It'll be cool to see another part of the mission since I have been in pretty much the same place the whole time. So I am going to be serving in the Prairie and Ramsey Wards in the Couer d'Alene zone. My companion is actually still going to be Elder Hilsen, it's pretty crazy that we are both going to the same place but I guess that's what the Lord wants.

Elder Hilsen and I we were able to see something really cool/crazy happen this week. We got a call from some Sisters in our district that someone needed a blessing and so we asked for some background information on that person and they said that they were having some paranormal activity going on in their home. We went over and as soon as we walked in I could just feel a bad vibe in his home. His name is Scott and he is a really nice and cool guy! We talked with him about things that had been happening and he told us that the ghost adventure guys from the Syfy channel came and filmed in his house! So look out for that haha. Then we dedicated his home and gave him a blessing of comfort and council. It was amazing to feel how different the spirit was in his home after we did that. It is definitely a experience that I will never forget!

I hope everything is going well for everyone! I heard that Lone Peak won the State Championship so that's sweet! Anyways make sure that you are showing your gratitude for all the Heavenly Father gives you this week and enjoy Thanksgiving. I am very grateful for you all and your support. Have a great week!

Your Friendly Neighborhood

Elder Webb


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