July 16, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Huff

Another Transfer Week

Hey everyone,

This was the last week of the transfer again. I'll get to that in just a minute.
So this week was kind of an interesting one. We met with Haley and her mom again to discuss their baptismal service and how that will all play out. We started planning it out and had a pretty good meeting. They were still super excited to be baptized and it was all great! The next day the other Elders in the 1st ward, who are working with them as well, get a text from them saying that they are no longer wanting to meet but they are thankful for our time. So we are of course pretty bummed but we told the Elders to go over to their house and talk with them since we were busy at the time. They went over and talked with them and helped them a bit with their concerns. They were then feeling a little better and agreed to meet with us again on Friday. So we met with them again on Friday and they were feeling the spirit and doing pretty good, they just wanted to take it at a slower pace and we told them that we can totally do that. They also said that they were both planning on making to church on Sunday so we are thinking things will be good right?? Nope they text us Sunday morning again and said the same thing as before. It's okay though because I know that they just need a little time and then they will be more prepared to be baptized. They are super awesome and will find their way back for sure!
Besides that our week was kind of on the more boring side, we went out and worked hard but didn't see too much happen. We did have a few cool things though. We taught a pass off lesson with the Sister in the Palouse area. It went pretty good and so now we have a new investigator named Shaylan. He's a pretty cool guy but has some kind of weird beliefs. We also met a couple of really cool people the last couple of days. We met this lady named Joe, she is really cool and accepted a book of mormon and is planning on reading it. She invited us back for some lemonade and cookies as well so that should be good haha also we met this lady named Amanda and her family. They are super nice and said that they wanted to come to church on Sunday and so that was awesome to see! Hopefully they make it!

For transfers I am staying the Spokane YSA but we are combining with the Glenrose ward and the Spokane 6th ward. We are going to be very busy to say the least! It is going to be a lot of traveling and it should be good! My companion is going to be Elder Sautter. He was already in Glenrose and 6th so it will be good to have him with me. We already know each other well since he lives with us in our four man house currently. It will be sad to say goodbye to Elder Huff, we got along great and I'm going to miss that guy. He'll do great in his next area though!

Well that's pretty much what is going on over here in Spokane! I would love to hear from any of you! I hope you are all doing well!

Your Friendly Neighborhood
Elder Webb


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