July 9, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Huff

Meet the Thompsons

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty good here in the Spokane YSA ward! On Wednesday (the fourth of July) we went and met our new mission President! President Thompson is such a cool guy, he and his family are a great fit for our mission and we are super happy to have them! We met with them in the morning and then we had to be in at 6 that night just for safety reasons. We also had a lesson with Haley and we put her on date for baptism on July 28th!! We are super excited! We taught her the plan of Salvation and she loved it! Definitely a different 4th of July for me but it was fun!
Friday we went to the house of a guy named Aaron that we met at the park. We show up and his dad is there and he's like hey I love the book of mormon! So we are pretty excited right? Then he goes on about different beliefs he has from it and it was weird. Not sure about the whole thing but he was pretty nice.
We did some good service this week as well! On Friday we did service at a place called second harvest. Basically we just get things ready for the food banks by putting food in boxes and throwing out bad food and stuff. Then Saturday we actually went and helped out at a food bank for a few hours and it was pretty fun!
We taught Haley again on Saturday and it went well! We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ! She is still loving it all.
Sunday we had Jeremiah, another guy we met at the park, come to church. He unfortunately didn't like it too much. The lessons and talks weren't the best for a person who was at church for the first time. Hopefully we'll still be able to meet with him soon. We also had a few lessons cancel on us so we were getting kind of discouraged when we ran into our investigator Liam. It was a miracle because we weren't able to in contact with him for a while! So grateful that the Lord is always guiding us!

Well I hope that you are all have a great week! Keep looking for those miracles in your life! Love you all, talk to you soon!

Your friendly neighborhood,
Elder Webb


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