May 14, 2018


Cheney, Washington


Elder Williams

Fun times in Cheney

First of all happy mother's day to all the mother's out there! I'm so grateful for my Mom and all she has done for me! I was so happy that I was able to talk with her yesterday and I loved it!

This week we had the Cheney Mayfest, it's basically a festival where they close down the main street in Cheney and there is just a bunch of music and festival stuff haha. We went and volunteered there for like 4 hours on Saturday. It was super fun! We brought waters to the vendors and put up signs and stuff. While we were doing service we got to talk to some interesting people. One guy was super not there and he was coming up to people and just yelling and tried to get them hyped up hahaha it was the hilarious! Also there was this little band there that was super funny, they were singing and they got everyone involved that was in there general area. They came up to Elder Williams and I and got us to sing and it was awesome! We had a good time there.

On Wednesday we went to Zone Confrence and we actually got Facebook now on our mission. So if you want to be friends on Facebook, let's do it! It's an interesting way of doing missionary work and I'm still working on figuring out how to use it. It'll be a good thing though for sure!

On Monday we went and walked around a lake as a district, that was pretty fun!

To update on our investigators, Frederick is doing awesome! We taught him on Friday and that went super well! He's super solid still and is still planning on being baptized on the 25th. We also taught Kodie, we taught about faith and how to grow it by going to church and stuff. She's doing really good overall we'll be doing any other lesson with her next week.

1. From the hike (Tryna be Spidey)
2. Also from the hike.
Rest are cars from the Cheney Mayfest.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Webb


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