May 20, 2013


Simi Valley ?


Elder Wilson

Happy Mission :)

Dear family.
I have never been so happy on my mission as I am now. I love going out every day and teaching and talking to people. We have a family in this ward who all ways has the missionary's over if they need something they offer diner if we cant find one and the husband is a bike repair expert. So we always take our bikes over their if they break or we need something. This last time we where over their he was working around in the garage getting stuff and we saw is neighbor dead heading his rose bushes. So we went over and talked to him about his roses and then the gospel. Brother La bass came out and had A big grin on his face and talked with us to his neighbor. He told us later that he has all ways had the missionaries over but no one for the last three years has ever talked to his neighbor. He told us that he recognized that we wanted to teach and work at all times not just when it was convenient That made me feel so good we where just doing what any missionary would do who loved the people we where trying to make his life a little better. Maybe even teach him how to have true joy.

Elder Wilson is the coolest missionary ever he came out strong he knows what he is hear to do and he does it I think thus far he is my best companion as far as work ethic. The work is on fire hear we are learning and getting better literary day by day. We can see a difference in how we teach and how bold we are from each day to the next and we only get better. It is the most hart breaking thing when you tell something that is so important and so special to you to them and they reject it. It is worse than a slap in the face. you feel like crying after someone you love, who you know you can help tells you that they don't want it.

I love studying it is one of the most wonderful things in the world to study the gospel and read the scriptures.

I feel like the lessons we teach are sub par but we keep working on it and getting better. One of my favorite investigators is Nathan. He is 18 and knows the church is true he strives always to do his best to be a better person. and he follows in faith.
Elder Sebaske


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