May 14, 2013


Simi Valley


Elder Briscoe

Being a Leader

Dear Family.
Training is hard, and that is an understatement. I have to know, do, lead in everything it is a personal challenge to all ways be on top of things I have to wright everything down so that nothing is lost. I have decided that this is one of the hardest things I have done on my mission so far. The only thing that would be harder was leaving Santa Maria, I loved the people that I was teaching there so much they where some of the best people that I have ever met.
But I know that they are being taken care of by Elder Briscoe and his companion. And I also know that I have to do work in Simi Valley, and I have an elder to train and an area to help. This last week was hard we biked around A lot and it seamed like we did not get a lot of work done, but rather we spent a lot of time looking for the people who where being taught. We only found one Nathan he wants so bad to get baptized but he has a problem with riding dirt bikes on Sundays and just in general keeping the Sabbath day holy. He feels like he has all ready given up so much like drinking tea and chewing, going to seminary and trying to go to church. But we are doing our best to help him have a strong testimony of the church and of God.
Elder Wilson Is such a good missionary he wants to talk to every one and is constantly striving to do the best he can in the mission. I feel like I am holding him back sometimes because I am so slow with some things like planing and getting ready for the day. I see so many of my bad habits coming out it is scary Then I see him start to pick them up and It scares me even more. Elder Wilson is pushing me to be a better elder in all that I do and I feel blessed to be with him.

We started the week on Tuesday but including last weeks working out

Elder Sebaske


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