December 17, 2018


Musa 2


Elder Chamorro

First baptism

This week was a little caotic because its almost Christmas so we are having alot of things thats are happening. Like this last wednesday we had an activity with the whole mission it was amazing, we had skits and played soccer. Also sadley there were moskitos present and we all got killed, I probably have 200 moskito bites on my whole body, It´s great!

We also have a family right now that is the coolest family, they have been going to church every sunday and following pretty much all the commandments. They are also having a wedding on the 28th of December, it´s weird how in Peru people are willing to get married in one month or so, it´s fast. Oh also this family is cool because we had a family home evening at their house and we are having another one today, they are so accepting of the gospel.

Now for the baptism, this sister for many weeks was not sure about getting baptised, and my companon and I would bear our testimonies and she would say ´´I wan´t to get baptised.´´ Then the next week the same thing would happen and we were like are you kidding me just stick with your faith woman. No, but anyways she was supposed to have a baptism this last saturday and she postponed it to yesterday( sunday.) Then she showed up and Well we saved a soul, and the cool part was I got to do the baptizing. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. This work is the best.

Well thats all for this week but I love you all thx for your support, oh also if you have time please share this video with your non members its amazing. ( thx Love you all one last time and bye


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