December 17, 2018


Musa 2


Elder Chamorro

Mean dogs

Every day is amazing and at the same time its trechery. This is because we are walking up mountains to teach people and these people are the amazing so it is totallly worth it but its tough, and every day in the same place when we go to visit or contact people in a certain area there are these crazy dogs that try to kill us. We have to throw rocks at them to keep them away its pretty crazy.

I also had a really cool experience last week in church, there was a non member there and we were sitting next to him, I had talked to him alittle and then he started to say some advanced spanish because I just started to shake my head and say ´´si, si´´. Well he seemed kinda disapointed. Keep in mind this whole time my companon was talking to someone else. Later my companon who overheard alittle bit of our conversation said ´´ why wer´nt you excited for the brother he asked you to baptize him.´´ My mind exploded and I was like ´´ what seriously.´´ It turns out he was´nt in our area but he has a baptisimal date so its all good. Also yesterday for sunday we did not have church which was really weird, I honestly don´t know why. Anyways we went around to diffrent areas and we sang some hymns, we also took pictures with people and told them to give us there address and we will bring a copy for them. We also through in there that we will be having a short visit or lesson, all the people were more than happy to give us there address. Little did they know there all gonna get baptized in one month, lol.

Well No more but stay tuned for next week becuase we are going to find people this week, with the holy gohst and please don´t wait for me to find them you can find them yourselves just share your testimonies you´d be suprised how much your testimony can impact the heart of another.

Love you all Elder Thomson, p.s. sorry but apparently its really hard to find a camera here, im working on it.


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