December 29, 2014


San Pedro Martir 1


Elder Hansen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

So first of all talking to yall was like the best thing ever! I was really worried that it would make me like super sad and that it would be really hard after the fact, and yeah it did make me sad, but not lik super super sad, it actually made me like really happy which was absolutely awesome!!!!
So we had a baptism on Saturday for Azuena Ortega! It was really awesome for me because she is the first investigator that I have seen go all the way through now! My very first p day in the mission we contacted her in the street and then she got baptized! So it was so cool! Also, she asked me to baptize her! Wow! The service was really cool because we had like 30 missionaries all sing nearer my god to thee (mas cerca dios de ti) and that invited the spirit really well! Then I had to do the baptism twice because her foot came out of the water the first time and the second time she like resisted me so I had to really push her under but now she is just extra clean! Hahaha then she bore a really cool testimony about how it is hard without her familys support and everything but it was awesome, and she like even finished in the name of Jesus Christ which I have never heard a convert do! So that was the highlight of the week by far! Christmas was pretty good, we ate with a family in the morning and then another family in the afternoon, adn like their big thing here (which we ate with both families) is fish tacos which I am not a huge fan of, so whatever haha but the second family gave us ties as a present which was awesome! THen usually our p days end at 6 but christmas was different so we had p day all day and then we just went and played volleyball for like 5 hours with all the rest of the elders from around here! It was really fun but I was sore for a few days afterwards! One of the pictures is the collection of pig out day stuff Elder Hansen and I bought haha!! Something that was really weird that we all noticed is that it did not feel like CHristmas here, which kind of helped with the whole homesickness thing!! I hope you all had an incredible christmas though!!!
So we had some breakthroughs with investigators this week! I dont know if you remember the whole thing with Ana about how she came to church even after she dropped us that one week, but back then she still didnt want to meet with us even though she came ot church, but then this week she was there again and invited us over to teach her! So that was awesome! Then, Carlos and Maria havent been able to meet with us in forever but they finally could this week and before we could even say anything about baptism she was like so how does the 17th sound? So that is so cool! Finally Maria de Jesus is really excited about the gospel and everything but she doesnt feel comfortable in the chapel so we need to work on that so she hasnt been coming to church!
Not much else really happened this week but I am excited to start my only full year in the mission! That is crazy! And I have officially been in Mexico for 2 months so that is pretty loco as well!! I love you all, and will talk soon!!
Elder Stout
So the scripture this week is Daniel 12:10! Still just wait and read them all at the end together from this chain! I am so happy to hear about all of the gifts you guys got especially the Xbox One! I cant wait to play that!!!! haha!!! But all the festivities sounded awesome! About the length of my emails, I want yall to know I try to write as much as possible every week but like I said on the call we have one of the strictest mission presidents so we have less time than most missions to write, but I try my hardest! So the big adress where all of the family Alquicira lives is Carretera Federal a Cuernavaca 5737-C! I have no idea what will be going on for new years except that everyone will be lighting off fireworks because they did for Christmas and who expected that! Haha I am glad that you all liked the gifts!!! Thanks for the Alma 25 reference dad that is perfect, thats something that I have learned is that so much is just about obedience like that! I was going to say it has been a while since you emailed me a reference so thanks! I have been trying to email as many people as I can but it has been really hard, I think I got all the people on that list! I will try to come in more prepared with what to say in the emails! Thanks for all of the updates, woohoo go hawks!!! That sucks for BYU! You will have to let me know how the post season goes for everyone, I cant believe we didnt tlak about that all the call! Ouch! Sorry to hear about the crash dad, but know that I love yoU! mom, I am sorry that ecerything felt different but only one more without me!!!!! The white elephant sounds fun! Haha you will have ot figure out how to make that suggestion in a nice way! I feel so bad for Maddy and Elder Pulini and make sure to keep me updated on all of that, ok?? Thanks so much for all of the pictures, and I am so gald that you can actually email me now while the kids are on as well!!! Hahaha I love you so much mom, and miss you like crazy, I miss yall so much! But I love you and will tlak to you soon!!
Elder Alex Stout


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