December 29, 2014

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Elder Pulini

hi elder Stout

Dude, this is a lot harder than I thought! I dont know if you got my other email, I am sorry I couldnt email there was a bunch of kids kidnapped down here so we had a bunch of rules about who we could email and stuff but I think that we should be okay from here on out! I am trying to follow your example down here, haha I cant tell you how many times I have said what would elder pulini do, and it is working, it going awesome down here! THe people are awesome and everything! It took me a little while to get over being homesick and everything and to really get used to the work, but now it it so fun! Your advice, has helped me so much, the focus on the people part has been awesome, and the friend part!! So keep the advice coming! How was that baptism?? Also, whats going on back in the Seattle area? I heard you are back in Pine Lake!!!! That is so awesome! Everyone in the ward just absolutely loves you, i hope that you know that! How was christmas up there?? How long have you been out on your mission now?? I heard that you saw my girlfriend at Starbucks! IYou should try to set up an appointment with my parents to teach her at my house or something because you are like the only missionary I would trust teaching her! Also, make my brother go out on splits with you! Well Merry Christmas, and we can email again now, so i cant wait to be able to talk to you a lot more often! I hope you have been doing great! Miss youand love you man, sorry I couldnt reply sooner!
Your friend for life,Elder Stout
On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:43 PM, Ringo Jnr Pulini <<a href="" target="_blank"></a>> wrote:
Everything is doing well out here. Nothing more important than making the Lord happy now. This is our only chance, we won't have any other oportunity like this in our life. lets do this with all our heart bro. Don't come home early OK?? hahahahaha I learn alot from you too. You are such a great guy, a guy that know how to love and care for the life of others. This work is not easy, our saviour died doing this work. Go out there and work bro, do your best, you will meet alot of people out there but the person we wanted to met is Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me while we were in Pine Lake. study as many as you can there at the MTC, you gonna need it im your mission field :). I'm have a baptizm coming up next saturday the 25th. as a missionary we are out to share the Gosble and also be a friend to those that does'nt have one. My other advice is don't focurs too much on teaching the lesson, focurs also on what way will you do to make the person you teach feel the spirit and the love of God. Everyone is differen, so teach them differen hahahahaha.. love you bro
Elder Pulini
On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Scott Stout <<a href="" target="_blank"></a>> wrote:
Elder Pulini!I miss you so much man, I am just now starting to realize how powerful of a missionary you were, I loved being with you in Seattle and now that I am learning to be a missionary I can better understand how strong your spirit was! I am sorry you got transferred out of my ward, but you never know, you may be transferred back in some day! I am taking your advice down here and not skipping class to play volleyball and it is hard sometimes, it is a lot of class in one day, and it is so hard to Speak My Language all the time, but I can easily see the Lord's help every day. Thankis so much for the advice and for being there for my mom, she wrote me and told me how much she appreciated your service, thanks for being such a great example to me on how to be a missionary. Love you bro, keep me updated on your dealings and experiences up there,
Elder Stout
On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Ringo Jnr Pulini <<a href="" target="_blank"></a>> wrote:
How you doing brother? how is mission life? hope everything is going well with you out there. I have been transfer out from our ward. i did stop by and say hi to your family the night before the transfer. your Mom is doing well but i know she miss you a lot. I try to wash over your family and then i got transfer out :(. anyway how's the MTC? Are picking up the language pretty well? Let me know if there will anything i can do to help you out Elder Stout. Just do your best to make our savior Jesus Christ happy. Smile well and often and it will makes people wonder what you're up to, and while they are wondering they will ask you question and then you start teaching hahahaha. love bro, hope you'll have a great time out there.

Elder Pulini


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