December 15, 2014


San Pedro Martir 1


Elder Hansen

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!We won't have a p day really next week for email or anything becauyse our pday got switched to christmas, so I will just talk to you guys on Skype! So for that I will be going to an internet cafeand it will be on the 24th because we have not been able to find anywhere that is open onthe actual christmas day! I have no idea exactly how it will work or anything, but we are planning on like early afternoon your time like 12:30ish?? I don't know butI hope that will work!! I will have to figure out everything as well! I have 40 minutes to talk so that will be awesome! I can't wait! Also, the package came in a while ago, but because of changes last week no one got mail delivered but theytold me it was there, so I should get it tonight! SUper excited!! Also, yall have something coming your way so be on the lookout!So this week absolutely flew by!I can not believe that I am sitting here right now again, I was like just here! Boom suddenly it is monday again! We had an incredible week, like our best one yet! Therewas some holiday this week for the Virgin Guadalupe and a lot of people get really drunk so we had to be in our housereally early too of the daysand it was still like one of our most successful weeks!So I got to baptize someone this week! His name is Rene Cayetano Diaz! He was an investigator in the ward just over from us, and we were with him his sister and his brother and the elders that taught them because my comp had to do their baptismal interviews and I ended up being the person to baptize him, which was really really cool! i was able to memorize the prayer and do it right the first time and everything! He is an awesome kid though, and it was such a cool opportunity, Elder Neyra one of the two elders that taught him is awesome, he is like my best friend in our mission so far, we are from the same generation too!So for our investigators Azucena is still preparing for her baptism either the last week of December or the first week of Januaryand she is golden, she loves learning about the gospel and everything! Out other investigators we haven't been able to meet with much but Maria de Jesus is progressing, but won't go to church! Then we have a new 14 year old girl named Valeria who is the cousin of the whole family Alquicira so in our first lesson she gave an awesome prayerbecauseof how much shehas been surrounded by the church. Also, the Alquicira Fiuentes family gave us those snowmen and a bunch of candy when we ate there!We did a really cool acticity on Saturday where all the Elders that meet in our ward got together at this really central part of our town and we all sang Christmas carols, and then in between they hada screen playing church Christmas videos while we went out and contacted,a nd I contacted the most people, I contacted 29 people by myslef it was awesome! I am so excited for Christmas!! I love and miss youall a ton, and hope all is well!!!!
Elder Stout
I hope everybody's health picks up in the ward, that is really hard to hear!! I will pray for them all this week for sure, send them muy love!! Everyone talked about the 12 ays of Christmas in their emails! it sounds so fun! I can'tbelieve that it has already been a year since we did that, wow!!!!! The date night for you too sounds awesome!!! Haha I am so glad that you are locing your job Mom!!! That is really funny about all of that! Okay other things that I need! Are the 13 points of the true gospel from dad! Gillette razorblades for my proglide becausethey do not sell them down here whatsoever!!! Acne medication because again they have none! So like facewash and cream idk! There is probably more but if I can'tremember it now then oh well it must not be that important! Thanks for your advice Dad, I think I might have hit my turning point this week, at least I really hope so!! I am just really hopingh that |I don't regress after Christmas!! Haha don't say the best two years because I think after will be better, something we heard at the MTC was the best 2 years for your life! I like that better!DiscoveryCenters are going up everywhere that is awesome!!!! Whenever I describe them to anyone down here theythink it is so awesome! Mexican Christmas traditions are prettymuch American ones, the one that is deifferent that I have seen so far is that they use pi;atas here for Christmas too!! Hahaaha theyalso eat corn for christmas because apparently it is like really fancy! Mystreet that I live on is Calle Laurel, one chapel is on 5 de Mayo and the other is on Rosal! The scripture this week is James 4:8 I hope it doesn't seem liek I am calling you to repentance! THey flow a lot better all together!! Hahaha I love you all!! Can't wait til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Stout


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