December 9, 2014


San Pedro Martir 1


Elder Hansen

Almost Christmas!

Hey yall! How is it going??
Work has been awesome here this last week! Thought you all should know that I got sick for my first time last tuesday! But I took some of the pills Mom gave me and lets just say that they worked too well....haha then on Wednesday I had to go into immigration in order to renew my visa, so I guess I am legal now! It was a super long and boring trip, but I got to see a lot more of the city! I decided I am going to do what Andrew does and send home one interesting fact a week about the place so this week it is that like all of the houses have big pipes or other things sticking out of them down here because if the house is unfinished then they don't have to pay property tax! Last night we had the coolest opportunity to go to the Vistitor's Center next to the temple and it was so cool! We took two future investigators and the whole ward rented out two buses to go, they have like all these Christmas lights set up everywhere and it was just such a cool opportunity to go and see it all! I loved it! Also, tomorrow are changes and me and my companion are both staying in San Pedro Martir 1bis, and my companion is getting made district leader! The only people leaving from our district are Elder Batt, the old district leader, and Elder QUinn the old zone leader, I am going to miss them a ton, they were such great examples of leaders, and they helped me so much!
Our investigators this week was kind of a more down week. Maria and Carlos still can't meet with us because of their work in December and they weren't even at church yesterday. Maria de Jesus is progressing but has no desire to go to church which is really hard! We had two new investigators this week Condilo and Gloria who are married and are like 60 years old but we had two lessons with them but they said they believe in the Book of Mormon but are too involved in their other church to leave so that was a bummer big time. Then Azusena is progressing great and just doing awesome and should be ready to get baptized on January 3rd so fingers crossed!!
I love you all and hope it has been going great!!
Elder Stout

He sent us a few additional answers to questions that I
thought I would share here:


Lord really blessed us this week while we were looking for a
house and turns out we were on a wrong street but we went up to the house and
it turned out to be a menos activo that no one knew existed so now we can talk
to here more!


Church was a lot better this week, I didn't have such a hard
time and we talked about <a href="" target="_blank"></a> so it reminded me of all the times
dad would like show me and Sam what he was doing at work!


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