November 3, 2014


San Pedro Martir 1


Elder Lewis

Real 1st week

This week was so hard. I am really glad that you said what you did in your letter to me because I have thought so many times that i can't do this this last week. 22 months is forever dad, i know its not and in 22 months i won't believe how fast it was but right now it feel slike that. I can't say anything, I read the scriptures and they just laugh at me. Since saturday's baptism i have been doing a lot better and am much more excited now, but I cried a lot this week, like a lot! I miss you so much, and all I want to be doing is watching football with you haha, I am not going to lie from the second they said we can't have coke that was like the straw that broke the camel's back and I jsut wanted to go home so bad, but things are donig a lot better now, I love you so much, also hold off on the music stuff until I can give yall more direction, iwas rushed in that email. I just wanted to you know that yeah it has been incredibly hard, and I just sit there in lessons and when i can't understand all I think of is home. But, i know this is what i have got to do and as i work and try more it is getting a lot better, my companion is helping a lot too. |THanks so much for everything you have said to me, and everything you have done and your example, you always know what to say, I know that since my best friend has gone through this then I can too, I love you dad and pray for you every night, I will be home soon, then we can read this email together and laugh! I am just going to go all out for 22 months and leave nothing in the tank! I love you pops!!!
Elder Stout


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