October 2, 2014


Provo MTC


Elder Adam Peterson

Week 2

Hey everyone!
This week went great! Not too much to report because we have pretty much fallen into the same schedule everyday!
6:15 wake up and shower
7 breakfast
7:30 Choir
9:30 study time
11:30 lunch
12:30 Spanish Instruction
3:30 Gym Time
5 Dinner
6 Study Time/Spanish/Investigators
9 Zone Meeting
9:30 get ready for bed
10:30 sleep
Haha it is literally the exact same thing every single day at this point! But it is good that it is so structured because it is really helping me get used to knowing what I should be doing at all times and know how and when to do what! Let's see what interesting has happened this week!! Well we are teaching two new investigators, a man named Marcelo and a man named Alberto! Actually yesterday we had an incredible experience with both of them! Alberto was telling us how he used to be religious but he had some questions that couldn't be answered by the pastor at his old church so we asked him to read Santiago 1:5 (James 1:5) and he started crying and saying he didn't think that he could ask God for himself and that led us into telling him about a young man just like him who had his life changed when he acted upon the words of those scriptures! Furthermore, Marcelo is struggling with addictions to Cocaine and Heroin and when we went in he started telling us about how the drugs made him hear the voices of the devil in his head and how he was so scared, and Elder Jones brought up priesthood blessings and our companionship was able to participate in a Spanish Priesthood blessing for the first time and he told us afterwards that he felt something leave his body which is really really cool!
I am sorry I don't have as much to share this week but it is just a lot of learning spanish! I finally understand how to use por vs para which are the two ways of saying for in Spanish haha and my speaking is getting a lot better, I don't have to plan out what I am going to say before I go into lessons anymore it just kind of comes out, i can like actually have conversations now!!! Okay I sent Jake Sam and Max individual emails but I will respond to Mom and Dad's right now! Mom he is getting even harder to deal with! We are late to everything and he just gets like pouty whenever Elder Peterson or I say anything about it, and we try to love him so much but we can only give so much without receiving anything in return!! Also, in lessons, he doesn't speak at all! His inspiration for the blessing was literally the only time he spoke in a lesson this week! Also, the food is starting to get old, I miss our food so much from home! Bleh I want food that wasn't prepared in mass!! Sounds like you guys have had an incredible week there and GO HAWKS! Dad, yes all of those pictures come through hotmail but idk if I wiould be able to download them to the card, but I have loved getting all the pictures from yall! I see Sam has stolen my seat at the table, hmmm idk how I feel about that! But congrats on homecoming! I really want to hear from Pulini, but I haven't yet!! and thanks so much for doing that thing for Brenna mom! I think these pictures are working so hopefully you should be getting 7, I will send the rest next week when i have more time, let me know what you think of the pictures or if you don't know who they all are, or if there is an easier way to send home pictures because this email is already filled up of space! Haha I am trying to stand by Elder Cohill the DL of the older district because he is African American haha! How was the playdates all this week??? I will try to think of stuff but I think you know me!!! haha i don't need anything more than what I said in the email last week! But thanks for thinking of me!!!  I am going to respond to your Dear Elders through letter because I am running out of time! But, i love you all!! Thanks for your email Dad, I didn't have the opportunity to go today because of choir practice but I am planning on going and doing initatories and sealing next week which will be awesome! Nothing to really report about the District we have had a hard time focusing recently because it is very difficult for a bunch of teenagers to focus for 10 hours a day but we came up with the saying "Lord's Time, Lord's Servants" to refocus each other! So that has been helpful then pretty much just all the problems with Elder Jones! But we did connect better today which was great! Spanish is like a 7 out of 10 but the gift of tongues is definitely real because in lessons I can speak quite a bit better!  Okay I will include the scriptures in the letter that I send as well because I am officially out of time, I am so sorry I want to tell you all so much more but I love and miss you guys so sososososo much!!!!!! Please keep me in you rthoughts and prayers!
Elder Stout


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