May 4, 2016




Elder Crandall

Happy May!

Hey everyone!

Wow, once again I cannot believe that it’s a different
month! Once again crazy how fast time is flying by! Well, everything is going great here in Churubusco, my new comp is Elder Crandall from Idaho Falls, Idaho! He goes home one change before me, so that means that if I stay here in Churubusco for his last change I will likely finish my mission here!!! Which would be incredible. We are already great friends, we actually got to spend a
little bit of time together earlier on in the mission when I was in Topilejo, he was another district leader in the same zone, so I was super excited to hear
his name on change day, he was one of the people I was hoping to get! Also, it’s his first change being a zone leader, so I get to train him on all of the
duties and stuff like that and its super fun, he’s got some great ideas that we are going to put into practice for the zone soon!

So one cool thing is that there was another baptism in the ward this week of a little girl named Dana Alice Atunez Morales. She is a ward baptism because she’s only 8 years old but her parents weren’t baptized that
long ago and so they are still super close with the missionaries, but I had the honor of giving her the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday which was such an
incredible thing to do! I know that God is preparing that generation just from the amazing youth/children that I have met in my mission.

Yesterday we had a super spiritual leadership council with President Mecham where he focused a lot on the importance of the sacrament. It has been eye opening for me here in the mission to learn about it, because
honestly it was probably the principle that I understood least before the mission, I just saw it as bread and water but I feel like I am starting to have weekly spiritual experiences as I grow my understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and understand more what the Sacrament represents. I found some scriptures that I would like to invite you all to read about it this week:
DC 27:2
1 Corinthians 11:28
John 6:47-58
3 Nephi 20:7-9

Well that’s about it from this week which was a shortened week for all of the trainings and other stuff that always accompany the changes!

From Mexico with love,
Elder Stout


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