October 17, 2016


Area - 1


Elder Castillo


Falta la torta- forgot the cake. We saw that every time when a couple says they aren't married but live together.
Well about 2 hours after my email last week, my companion got bit by a dog!!! So the next day we had to travel Los Olivos, for a rabies shot, where the mission office is from Pachacutec (the city that our area is in) which is about an 1hr bus ride with good traffic. And there is NEVER good traffic. Then we had to do it again for training. And then we did it again today for a follow-up and that was super pointless because they decided that they didn't need us to come and we wasted time BUT I GOT PAPA JOHNS! Finally! It was pretty great would love to have it again.
Speaking of food, I had tried a lot of new things this week, some I can't remember the names of. But I do remember one in particular. So I am all for trying new things especially in the mission, so the restaurant we go to almost every day for lunch has a different menu every day. So one day that had something called Mondonguito. I was like hmm... I'll try that! Well, when they brought the place out I was pretty excited because it looked like lomo saltaldo-which is beef strips with onion, tomatoes, and French fries. Then I realize that instead of beef, there is an unknown substance on my place... I smelled it and thought it was some type of sea food and I don't like seafood. But I was like, ok whatever i need to try it! And the texture of it was of rubber. The flavor of it was that of barf. The look of it was that of, I don't even know. I asked my companion, ''Do you know what this is!?'' He replied, ''Yeah, its cow stomach.'' Well...I am not having cow stomach again.
This week has been pretty stressful. It is finally hitting me that this is hard. And I was really discouraged for a couple days. The words of President Hinckley kept going through my mind (this is a paraphrase), 'If you are feeling homesick, tired, a bad missionary, GET TO WORK! There is no other substitute for such a good remedy. And with that in mind, I saw a family last night and I knew that if I didn't do what I was called to do and talk with them about the gospel, I would be digging myself a bigger whole. And let me tell ya, Satan really tries to put any excuse in your head to stop you. But I opened my mouth. Turns out that this couple were old investigators and they showed us where they lived and THEY set an appointment with US! While we were walking away, my heart was filled with joy and my stress was gone. I know what I am here to do: to make other families celestial and everlasting just like mine.

(this computer is being stupid so no pics this week sorry)


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