July 16, 2018


Area - 5


Elder Ramos

You Like to Wait Until the End Don't You!

God loves to wait haha. Finally, after three weeks a family attended church with the baptized. When are they going to be baptized...? August 5th!!!! Ha!

It's the Cordova Family. We have tried to get them to come for 4 weeks and they have always had the desires but they didn't have the sacrifice needed. The dad works as a taxi driver on Saturday nights until Sunday 5-7 a.m. So, he hits the hay hard afterwards. He finally made the sacrifice and they are more convinced that this is the true church.

When I was with Elder Soto, we contacted a Venezuelan that was a great guy. Then he told us that he doesn't need a church because his house is a church as he has the Bible. We asked if we could share a message in his church haha and he said his wife was worse and she wouldn't like that. Every time we saw him, he said hi. This last Friday, we saw him with his wife so, we talked to them and invited them to church. We always invite people to church and they never come.

As I was teaching gospel principles class, a family entered, and it was them! We shared the Restoration with them afterwards and the wife said that she felt that she needed to come. They didn't know how to get there but the walked from their house and being guided by God (as she said) they got there! They aren't married:/ and they won't be able to get married until October but that was a great experience for us.

We didn't find anyone until Sunday. Our Zone Leaders came into the rescue and helped us find 3 souls that day. God loves to wait but the fruit is always worth it. I love this Church and I know that it is true. I know that God loves us and he will bless us as we follow His light who is Jesus Christ.

I was trying to keep a low-profile and not make a big deal that I am going home ion 3 weeks...but word got out and all the members want to invite me to their house. And the ward is now planning a fare-well...

Elder Taylor
Blanco Es Bonito!


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