September 18, 2017


Area - 3


Elder Landa

Instructions for the Lord's servants

In the past year I have the opportunity to meet; Elder Oaks, Elder Robbins Obispo Causee, Elder Montoya, Elder Cook, Elder Falabella, Elder Christensen, Elder Godoy and with Elder Gonzalez.

2 of Christ's apostles and 7 of the Seventy. What a great blessing I received! I testify that they are God's disciples. What a great example they have been to me.

Fun Fact: Elder Oaks (before he was an apostle) was never a full-time missionary, never a bishop, never a stake president, never a seventy. He was a simple teacher.

Now think about the potential that God have for every one of you. Every one of you have a purpose here on the earth.

We lost contact with the Lujan family this week. But we are trying our hardest to find the mom so that they be baptized. If he have to go to their house at 7 a.m. we will do it!

We have two people that will be baptized in the coming weeks. The Yataco family who is going to get married this 28th and be baptized on the 30th and Reyda Cajas who is a nice little sister who couldn’t attend church before because people robbed her house but now can attend and wants to be baptized!

This week I learned a lot about charity. When I first started my mission I thought it meant I was going to be in a very poor place and I was going to do service activities. But I have realized that every time I testify, invite, contact, and sacrifice myself, THAT is charity. I thought I needed to be a leader LZ or assistant to complete these acts of charity (for it says some things in my patriarchal blessing). But I have realized that my investigators, members, converts, companion; whatever situation I am in; whatever area I am in; whatever companion I have, SOMEONE needs charity.

I think that someone right now is my companion. For some personal reasons of his but I can see that he is changing and is turning into being a humble servant of the Lord.

Photos: (1-3 Baguette Adventures #3- We were able to climb a mountain with our district and there is a photo of my area.
4) Erika Valentini was baptized!!!!!!!
Elder Taylor
Blanco Es Bonito!


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