November 23, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Lund

Season 1, Episode 2 - Uchtdorf

Hey! So I know P-day was yesterday, but they moved it to today. Hopefully next P-day will be on Thursday haha. I'll go through my days last week.

My first P-day! It was like a breath of fresh air talking to you guys, especially since my P-day was 2 days later than we thought. My mom thought I was dead. I bought a really cool looking small hymn book and had my name engraved on it! We went to the temple and had an amazing experience! Laundry was nice too haha.

Our teacher got engaged! So happy for him! I was struggling with one of the Elders in my district, but then I had a heart-to-heart talk with him and I think much more of him now. I'm working on Christ-like attributes and being an example for my district.

I decided to fast for each member of my district individually. I also had a lot of chips and salsa that night. Yum! (Thanks Emma and Micheal)

While walking to Branch Presidency meeting at 6:45am the fire alarm went off of a nearby building. Some lady hit a gas line in the parking garage.

I got a haircut! Today was pretty normal...

We woke up an hour earlier for service. I also didn't get breakfast. I was planning for teaching tomorrow, but I accidentally took a nap...oops. I. So exhausted and my companion is sick. Like really sick. I'm not though...not yet.

We are singing "Come Come ye Saints" as a departing District this Sunday so we practiced that. Elder Suiter's mom sent 2 pies for the while district and we loved spending time together as a district, when not in class. I had companionship study alone because Elder Lund went to bed. Poor guy is so sick. While studying the intercom sounded that we will have an emergency power shut off. Some lady hit the power lines....wonder if it was the same lady. Haha. The power was off for like 5 hours. I blessed Elder Vane. I love giving blessings.

Thanksgiving day! We woke up for choir practice and then Elder and Sister Uchtdorf spoke to us and I sang in the choir to them!!! It was so cool. Afterwards he went around all of us and shook as many hands as he could. He did it for like an hour. He had such a light in him as he waved to us. I know that if it were Jesus speaking to us, he would do the same thing. I loved it. Then we watched "The other side of Heaven" and at then end of the movie there was a clip for "the other side of Heaven 2" coming next summer! Then we made 350,000 meals for the homeless! Wow that was cool. When we were done we went outside and the Christmas lights were on! It was so pretty.

Today has been good. We already went to the temple and I'm about to check the mail. My laundry is done. Elder Lund is now even more sick. I might give him another blessing tonight. I miss home and loved ones. I'm ready to get out and teach the people of Redlands, CA.

Here are some pictures from this week.


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