November 15, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Lund

Season 1 Episode 1 - It's a big bright beautiful world!

Hello everyone! Boy, what a week.
I started the week with heartbreak and tears, but I'm starting to get a hang of this missionary life. I kinda thought it would be a lot harder bringing my phone here and restraining myself from misusing it, but the first day I started using it as a tool for The Work and I haven't stopped since. There's features on the Gospel Library app I never knew about. I love the people here and the love on this dedicated campus of The Lord.
After a few classes and orientation we went back to the Residence hall to un pack and we are located right next to a pull up bar! YES!
I love to exercise here. My companion loves to play volleyball while I hit the machines. So we split with another companionship so we can exercise where we prefer.
We had district testimony meeting and that is when it really hit me. We just sacrificed EVERYTHING for The Work. I love my district. The Spirit is amazing here. In that meeting we were interviewed by the Branch Presidency and then they called us to be different callings. There were only four callings made; Technology Specialist, Sacrament Coordinator, Music Coordinator, and District Leader. I was called of God to be the District Leader. Oh boy did I feel inadequate for the calling. But I also felt really excited! My District has supported me and really shown love to me over the past week. Lots of responsibility for the District Leader, my Companion has been really supportive with me dragging him along to meetings and getting the mail for everyone multiple times a day. I actually get a lot of mail. Like half of the District mail is mine! Crazy. In fact the second day I got 2 packages and 3 letters. Second day and District Leader
I felt very stressed with filling out the district agenda for Sunday. I gave my companion, Elder Lund a blessing of comfort. We feel like family.
Today was hard because Saturday is relax day, but not in the mission life. It's still hard work and classes. I was up late preparing for Sunday District Leader things.
What I had been stressing about was district meeting. I did great! I spoke with power and authority. Me and Elder Lund skipped breakfast because of extra meetings for district leaders. I joined choir! Choir is on Tuesdays and Sundays and it was awesome. That night we watched a "film", it was Elder Bednar giving a previous devotional talk to the MTC. Oh! And it snowed!
We taught our first person. Her name is Arielle and she has no religious background. She's tough. I've noticed that there are feelings between some of the Elders and Sisters in my District. I'm trying to lead them the best I can, so this week we are focusing on the Christ-like attribute "Diligence".
Today was awesome. We started by waking up an hour early to clean bathrooms. It actually wasn't that bad. We cleaned windows, and garbages. And then we met our new friend to teach Juan! (the MTC is trying not to use "investigator" anymore). During Companionship study we parked our butts on a couch in the main hallway of a big building, AND ME AND ELDER LUND ACCIDENTALLY FELL ASLEEP! So embarrassing. People walking by and noticing two Elders sleeping on a couch while listening to conference talks. We then got ready for a devotional. We went to choir and it was still awesome. Then we SANG IN THE DEVOTIONAL. It was broadcast to the other 13 MTC's around the world. So cool. And guess who spoke at the devotional??? ELDER SEVENSON of the twelve!!! Woah it was cool.
Today was more relaxed. We had breakfast, class, then an hour of nothing....,lunch, exercise time, personal study, companionship study, then dinner, and class. My classroom teacher proposed yesterday! Yay!

My District is cool, 6 Sisters, 8 Elders. We love to share our feelings and thoughts. Even if they're not related to anything......
The MTC has a roaming cat! I'll send pics.
I'll also send a pic of the Thanksgiving schedule.

I am excited to read emails from you guys.
Don't be afraid to send some throughout the week. ;)
My P-day is on Thursday by the way hahaha. It ends at 6pm.

Love you guys!
Elder Nielson


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