August 28, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Berrett


Hei Mama,
So lets think what happened this week. 
Monday: Regular P-day stuff, and we rented bikes and went on a bike ride with a friend named Florin

I can't do the rest of the days individually cuz I dont remember which days were which. We met with a new investigator who is super dope. He is 24, studying for his masters, hes clean kept and smells good which is rare here haha. He also wears Fossil watches which is sick cuz those are my fave. But best of all he has a sincere desire to learn and is will to do the research/studying required. And he understands that when it comes to God he needs to feel, so he is very open in his heart. I am so excited about him.

Also the Tongan family came to church to have their baby blessed. They are literally the most amazing family. The kids are so adorable. They brought a friend with them who is also from Tonga but he is Methodist. He is super cool. He is 22 but if he hadn't told me that I would have thought he was 32. But after church they needed us to show them to McDonald's because they made a 3 hour drive and there was no way they were cooking out of their car for those black hole mouthed children So we took them there and then of course they insisted on getting us some, but the Polynesian way to get food is count the number of people and then buy 3 times as much food as you need. So I ended up eating until I couldn't fit anymore food and then I ate some more anyway just to impress them. We still had leftovers. Also they gave us the weirdest but most awesome referral we have ever had. During lunch the mom was like, "Hey elders you should teach our friend here the lessons!" then they looked at him and asked if he would like that and he was like "ok cool" so we got his number and are going to have skype lessons with him. Its no wonder almost all of Tonga is mormon now. 

Last night for sunday dinner we made Australian sausage rolls with mashed potatoes. They were amazing. Sadly with all the McDonald's and then that dinner I woke up in the middle of the night and threw half of it up, so that wasn't all that fun haha.

Love Your Favorite,
Elder Sewell


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