August 7, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Berrett


This week was pretty great. We have had a couple really great days of contacting. It finally feels like we are meeting some cool people. I think a lot of it has to do with that fact that Elder Perrett and I have gotten into a flow together and we are attacking each day with a good attitude and fun. We have seen some small miracles here and there in our efforts. This country is extremely unique. I promise you there is not a mission in the world that is like it. It is strange to see how Satan can use such a good thing like church and a belief in God as such a massive weapon against us or even against the souls in Romania. 

On a better note. Petru still is progressing very well and looking forward to his baptism more than ever. Haha stop asking me if he has been baptized. The date has changed because of circumstance but it was the 12th then the 26th and now the 25th. When we pass August 25th then you can ask if he got baptized! haha. He is honestly the only person in my mission so far that I would consider an investigator. He is the only one who actually keeps the commitments we give him and who shows a desire to make change in his life. It is very exciting and in my opinion 6 months is more than worth it even for one person. 

On a different note, there are two Tongan families who are members and they live in what is technically our area! They live a 3 hour train ride away so they can't come to church every Sunday. Especially because one of the families has four small kids and the other the husband isn't a member. But they are coming to church in two weeks to have their new baby blessed. We got permission from the mission President to go out there for a day. Additional to them there are some other Romanian members out there. If we can get enough people in that town to commit to it, we might be able to get a group started out there! And if it grows then they will make it a new area for missionaries. That would be so sick to be a companionship that opened up an area. 

Last night for Sunday dinner I made pizzas from scratch for Elder Perrett and I. They were BOMB. I was worried the dough wouldn't come out well because I haven't done that part from scratch before but it turned out really good. I'm excited because now I can make that for all my companions. It was a lot of fun. I made a white sauce pizza with mushrooms and brown onions and chicken and bacon, and a pizza with red sauce(I made myself), it had pepperoni, Canadian bacon, seasoned ground beef, chili sauce, and red and green onions. Next Sunday Elder Perrett is making sushi. 

Oh and I got this chocolate from Moldova that has gummy bears and pop rocks in it, it is literally a party in your mouth.

Anyway that is all.
Elder Sewell​​​


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