June 26, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Berrett


This week was fantastic. I love Oradea and I love Elder Perrett. I will have to show you pics next week because I dont have a thing for my camera but the city is beatiful. Especially the town center, Piata Unirii. Usually having an actual lesson with somebody who isnt a member, and is actually interested in learning about the gospel, doesnt happen very often. I'm not complaining, I love this mission, but thats just how it is usually. We have lessons with members, we contact, and we have lessons with people that will meet with us and listen but arent willing to actually make any changes or even come to church. But this week with Elder Perrett we had 3 lessons and they were all super spiritual and super dope! I am so excited for this transfer and the work we will be able to do. 

The branch here is great. We had 16 in church on sunday. Usually they have like 18-20 but the district presidents wife wasnt there for some reason and this girl named Mariana was in Brasov. Much of the district president's extended family are members but they all live in Utah or Sacramento. Mariana is super dope. She is 18 and she was just baptized a few weeks ago. She went contacting with us because she is planning on going on a mission and wants practice. She is awesome. The rest of the branch is mostly ancient old women haha. The branch president is young so thats cool. 

One of our investigator friends, Thomas, is super cool. He just got back from italy the other day. There is a place in Italy called Parma. That is wear Parmesan cheese originally comes from. In italian it is called Formaggio Parmaggio. Anyway, I guess he went there and he got authentic 2 and 3 year old Parmaggio cheese. They cost almost 200 dollars a kilogram. He made us an italian pasta dish after our lesson with him and he used that cheese. It was unbelievably good. 

We were going to go to the caves today but they are closed on mondays which is a bummer. So we took a picnic in the forrest with some friends. It was super nice and relaxing to be out of the city. 

Anyway, thats all I got this week. I will send some pics from Elder Perrett right now and more of mine next week. 

Elder Sewell


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