November 22, 2018

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Stephanie Sewell

Thankful for


Hi Ryan!  We asked family and friends what they were
thankful for and for some words of advice for you!

Hope you enjoy these,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Glen-

Thank you for keeping
up the family tradition of faith in the Lord our Savior, and service in His
name. We love you, and we are proud of you. Keep up the good work.


I am thankful for one
of my very favorite apostles, Neal Maxwell. 

Read all that you can
about him.  He speaks to my soul.  There is so much meaning in his phrases.  He draws me to my Heavenly Father.  He once said, “ The only truly unique gift we
can give to our Heavenly Father, is complete submission of our will.  All else we give him is only returning the
things he has given us.  I love you boys
more than I can express.  You are the
Speedy Messengers of the Lord and I recognize your service for what it is. Pure
Love of Christ.

Aunt Kristi-

We are thankful for
family, food, health, love, friendship, our own special family history, family
values instilled in us from older generations. 
Some words of advice…Don’t take advice from younger cousins, they’re not
all that wise yet, lol. Life is to short to only eat, sleep, and work.  Remember to play too.  It’s not always about the destinaton, you
need to enjoy the journey.

The Bain family is
thankful for:

1. Health - it’s easy
to take for granted

2. Education - it’s
the door to opportunity

3. Comfort - we have
what we need

4. Security - we don’t
face the discriminations that others endure

5. Voice - with great freedoms
come great responsibilities. We are thankful to have a voice in the things that
concern us.

6. Above all, love of
family, friends, and community. May our actions always be guided by
unconditional, universal love.


First of all I want
you to know I’m so proud of you and I love you! I’m so thankful for my
family.  They mean so much to me and as I
get older my love for them gets stronger. 
I’m thankful for my friends who are like my family, the ones that are
there for you through thick and thin. 
Like your family,I love you all so much. 
I’m so thankful to know that my family is a forever family and that we
will be together again.  I’m thankful for
a prophet to guide and direct me.  I’m
thankful for missionaries like you that leave their families to teach and serve
the Lord!


I am thankful for
hardships and what blessing they can bring and of course I’m thankful for
family. My words of advice would be to maintain an eternal perspective.


I am thankful to have
brothers that have been great examples to me, and I am thankful for just all of
my family and mom and dad. I am also thankful for football.


I am thankful the privilege of being
your Dad.  I am thankful for your
Mom.  I am thankful for opportunities to
work hard and play hard and I like biscuits. 
I love you and I love what you do. 

Mom- I’m thankful for Rubix cubes,
puzzles, peanut butter, sci fi, Marvel, Dr. Strange, self portraits, Vans,
skinny ties, Good n Plenty’s, dubstep, Batman, long distance runners, fast
cars, Arianna Grande, pizza, video games, Gus nuts (that’s from dad) and
anything that reminds me of you! 

Happy Thanksgiving honey.  We are so thankful for you and for all of
your service.  We are thankful for your
testimony and your willingness to share it. 
Most of all we are thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan
for each of us and gives us the resources to fulfill our potential.     Love, all of your family, ward family, and


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